★ ★ ★ ★ I’d go on to say that you’re losing money if you’re not using coupons. ★ ★ The Bulk Generate generates a file that is then not allowed to be imported if you need the coupon to be limited to 1 usage and limited to 1 product in the cart. ★ ★ This will allow customers to redeem credit multiple times until it is exhausted or is expired. ★ Very happy with our purchase! ★ ★ ★ ★ Customer support is outstanding. rated ★ Users don’t need to type coupon codes to use them. ★ – June 11, 2020, Was this review helpful? rated Watch ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – November 1, 2018, Janne Kankkunen ★ ★ rated This is a powerful tool! Let Smart Coupons generate hundreds of thousands of coupons for you – and add them to the store / export as a CSV / email all the recipients. ★ ★ ★ ★ Changelog – Smart Coupon for WooCommerce. (2) rated Report review, StoreApps ★ It works just like it says. 2. ★ Watch I like it so far. There’s also a way to cancel the import process in case you want to manually stop it. ★ Smart Coupon for WooCommerce is an add-on plugin, tailor-made to meet varied coupon specific functionalities. Sorry, a gift certificate or card is not a coupon. ★ Hope this helps! ★ It does everything it says! Documentation, Reference Materials, and Tutorials for your WooCommerce products. QR Code for Coupons, so mobile users can apply coupons quickly. ★ ★ ★ AND postmeta.meta_key = ‘customer_email’ – May 23, 2019, Stacy Farrell – May 6, 2020, Was this review helpful? WooCommerce - the most customizable eCommerce platform for building your online business. And you can customize the colors easily. ★ Free Gift coupons. ★ Thanks for that! rated ★ More than 10,000 WooCommerce keep owners kind of you use Smart Coupons to make bigger sales, reward customers or originate loyalty. With Smart Coupons you … rated kotejonidagmailcom WooCommerce Smart Coupons – Smart Coupons is another great source that allows individuals to buy gift cards online from your site. The good news is that support will help you straighten it out , prisonbreaker82 My clients have become complete self sufficient and can create coupon codes without any trouble. – March 23, 2018, dermaflash1 rated ★ Report review. rated But it killed my performance in a serious way. rated The plugin was relatively easy to set up and use, too. Annoying attention-seeking nag notifications just give the plugin the wrong kind of attention and make me re-consider uninstalling it just to remove the nags that can't be dismissed. ★ – December 4, 2018, Matt Thurber The functionality is just fine but it triples all page load time. ★ Now the plugin will smartly detect the progress of an import process. ★ (0) CLIP COUPON. ★ ★ (0) By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. – March 26, 2021. ★ ★ ★ rated Expires: Apr 03. ★ – September 5, 2019, kosmicon ★ Not only was all this super easy for me to setup and maintain, but this is easier than promo code for users because all they have to do it click on the coupon. Or Another possibility can be the use of order statuses from another plugin. This plugin has everything you need to grow sales and customers using discounts, coupons, credits, vouchers, product giveaways, offers and promotions. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – October 31, 2020. – January 15, 2021, So far so good. Any time we've had an issue, we've reached out to support where they've been able to assist and assist VERY fast. 2. LEFT JOIN wp498_postmeta AS postmeta ★ (1) – November 27, 2019, Rene ReneSejling.dk ★ ★ It is possible to translate Smart Coupons in your language. ★ ★ (0) Watch – July 27, 2018, borjaobeso1 ★ ★ I think, when that store credit was created the Allowed email field was empty initially & the email was filled in after some time. High quality documentation and support. ★ No, but this app incorporates more features than any other coupon app we have found, and we are finding clever marketing uses for them. ★ ★ ★ rated ★ Judy Fine. ★ In Smart Coupons, a store credit / gift certificate is available as a discount type coupon. ★ The gift certificates, ahem, coupons themselves look pretty amateurish - and you can't copy and paste the gift code. ★ More than 15,000 people use it every day – and consistently give it 5-star reviews . ★ 3. rated ★ ★ ★ Please check if it is available for download. Responsive support. ★ Unwatch ★ We did try to send the gift card how-to to a client and realized it is out-of-date. ★ This is based on WooCommerce REST API. This plugin has everything you need to grow sales and customers using discounts, coupons, credits, vouchers, product giveaways, offers and promotions. I needed support for translation and Support was very useful. Watch ★ ★ ★ Reduce cart abandonment by offering the first-order discount to new users. – July 5, 2019, funkysindhi – July 16, 2020, Jason Bass Great product. rated We would like to send out a shout-out particularly to Mr. Ratnakar Dubey and his team at StoreApps who have replied to every query and helped us configure this plugin to help create offers such as free sample trials on our website. Report review. Smart Coupons is one of the best selling WooCommerce plugins ever. , educationforhealthorg – November 16, 2018, caffrey8 ★ Export and send coupons to someone else. Very disappointed. Really happy with the product also/, Anonymous Seems like a great concept but it's got issues. rated Smart Coupons is great for two reasons; First, if you need support their team is very responsive as well as timely. I've set it so that I can send the certificate to others. ★ = 1.3.2 =. We understand it is frustrating when you do not receive replies on time. ★ I go from 1 second page load to an average of 3 if this is activated. ★ – July 17, 2018, Andre Lamprecht ★ Create coupons that can be applied automatically when a product is added to the cart. – February 4, 2019, thecelticcroft ★ Expires: Apr 21. ★ rated ★ – November 27, 2018, veyali ★ It makes a novice look like a pro. ★ Fixes, updates, and feature additions/improvements are released consistently, and the author is more than responsive to inquiries. rated This is a very flexible coupon plugin with support quick and helpful support! ★ ★ rated ★ If its not working on your end, please reach out to us for support. rated Already purchased and need some assistance? rated Smart Coupons allow including a custom message and schedule delivery in the future. It works well and I know I have not used it to its extent yet. Have a question before you buy? The additional functionalities like issuing a Coupon with various Checkout options, Giveaway products, Bulk generation, and Import are conveniently integrated with the standard WooCommerce Coupon panel. ★ ★ It also gives capability to include coupon codes in URL so that they can directly click the URL and apply coupon. Smart Coupons is the original and best-selling coupons plugin on WooCommerce.com. rated ★ So the customer can use that credit all at once or multiple times to make purchases until the credit is exhausted or its validity expires. ★ Great value to the website, we haven’t found any other plugin offering those functionnalities (especially the autogenerate coupon code). ★ It is the nearly complete coupon, discount, present card yet shop credit solution because WooCommerce. Report review, Andrew Or import a CSV to bulk add coupons in WooCommerce. I also give every new customer a 10% discount but don't allow it to be used with any other coupon. ★ ★ ★ ★ rated – June 3, 2019, rrdelaney77 ★ ★ Is any app perfect? rated This plugin has made us a lot of money by being able to sell gift cards via the website, and also in direct sales using the bulk create and import. Not to forget great support too. ★ Once installed and activated, four tabs will be added under Marketing > Coupons: If you are on a WooCommerce version lower thab 4.4.0, then above tabs will be under WooCommerce menu. ★ I haven't discovered all the features yet but what I've used I find great and already see people using the 'new customer' coupon. – December 20, 2018, Richard Houldsworth ★ Purchased this to offer gift certificates, but find the ease of other uses make it a keeper. (0) ★ ★ You can name categories anything, such as “Support Coupons”, “Site wide coupon deals”, “WooCommerce BOGO deals”, “Affiliate Coupons”, “Partner Offers” and more. (0) ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – November 29, 2020. ★ I based an entire membership credits solution based on this plugin. rated ★ ★ rated ★ Smart Coupons provide a powerful, “all-in-one” solution for gift certificates, store credits, discount coupons, and vouchers. ★ ★ ★ Had a feedback with the developer for extra functionality. germanero ★ A store credit or gift certificate is a monetary value assigned as a credit to the customer. Very flexible, frequent updates, and EXCELLENT support. Weekly Ad. – April 11, 2020, vedagrace Terrible customer service and deceptive practices. I don’t know why it was not available for download on 20th April. Sort By. Show a custom message when a coupon is applied to the cart – or when it’s emailed. ★ We’ve been using Smart coupons for a while now. ★ ★ To redeem your coupons during your store visit, simply enter your Smart Coupons phone number at the register during checkout. – April 15, 2020, shehbazafzal Its doing well for my intended use. ★ This doc article explains how you can translate texts of the Smart Coupons plugin. rated Great plugin for anyone that needs coupons and discount codes for their web store. ★ Your customers can enter any amount while purchasing and they will get store credit/gift certificates of that amount. ★ ★ ★ rated Very flexible. -> NEARLY 2 seconds! Smart Coupons REST API allows you to auto-generate a coupon via REST API. I weighed the pros and cons of several different products before choosing this one. ★ ★ Products works very well. ★ rated The support team answered all of my support requests very timely and left no questions open. okhayum ★ rated I really appreciate their efforts. Great features and integrates well with WooCommerce. Unwatch ★ It automatically issues coupons on product purchase, provides “Apply Coupon … ★ Everyone loves coupons. ★ ★ Using it well will give you higher sales, repeat customers and better customer loyalty. The gift certificate has to provide specified amounts only. ★ Was this review helpful? – December 1, 2020. Great plugin and professional support team. WooCommerce Advanced Coupons lets you get smart about how you organise your WooCommerce coupons by giving you the ability to put them into coupon categories. This is a great way to retain customers. Get started today for free. ★ Great functionality. ★ Excellent Customer Service! rated ★ ★ Service and support is stellar too! When we ran into a post update plugin conflict, it was resolved quickly. The customer service representative went above and beyond to provide the links and updates needed to successfully set up our smart coupon code. rated ★ WooCommerce Smart Coupons Nulled is a Premium WordPress Coupon Code Generator Plugin that makes it easy for merchants to create, send & manage coupons. rated ★ WooCommerce Smart Coupons Complete, flexible, best-selling coupons plugin WooCommerce Smart Coupons plugin is all you need to grow sales and customers using gift cards, store credit, discount coupons, and a lot more. ★ (0) They can just click on a coupon in the list of available coupons and it will be applied in the background. ★ ★ AND posts.post_type = ‘shop_coupon’ – July 11, 2019, James Barnett This is great, it will increase my sales. This brings new customers, and they typically spend more than the voucher value! "Remind me after a month ★ – February 25, 2021. I had a great experience with support adding some functionality in conjunction with another plugin developer for a custom feature that we needed. ★ They can use purchased credits themselves or gift to someone else. ★ ★ (4) ★ Developers answer all my questions! ★ The second reason is that the app is very flexible in allowing me to tailor our coupons to the type of customer we want to motivate with a purchase. ★ ★ ★ If you can point us in the right direction... realweezel ★ ★ Support guys were also nice and ready to help. Unwatch What are smart WooCommerce coupons? WooCommerce Smart Coupons Plugin Features All the features : Keep reading to discover powerful features you’ll get with Smart Coupons. Thanks! SELECT ID Unwatch ★ (3) (0) ★ rated Show coupons anywhere – on cart, checkout, order confirmation page, a blog post or another page on site! ★ The plugin is significantly more versatile than just these cases but we’ve only been live on WC since December, I’m sure we’ll get to the other features soon enough. Smart Coupons works like a charm and does what it says. 6. ★ When we wanted to make sure we were setting the coupon up right, they replied to us within a day and got the answers we needed. ★ Copyright WooCommerce 2021. Save $1.00. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ FROM wp498_posts AS posts If you want to create a credit-based coupon, Store Credit or Gift Certificate, use Store Credit/Gift Certificate as the type. It’s “battle-tested” and top-rated. Advanced Coupons Review 2021 Looking to create coupons on WooCommerce? Highly recommended. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Learn more, including how to control cookies. ★ Need any more reasons to buy? – February 8, 2021. If you’re facing any issue, please submit a ticket on WooCommerce.com, Was this review helpful? ★ ★ Coupons are not just about discounts. ★ ★ – January 22, 2019, nicolee3 ★ ★ ★ – January 7, 2021. They listened and implemented on the following update. ★ Creating higher value for your customers is the golden rule of business. ★ ★ I wouldn't be possible otherwise... Good job and support! ★ Here is a doc which will help you in setting it up: https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/smart-coupons/how-to-sell-gift-card-of-any-amount/. rated ★ – January 13, 2021. ★ ★ rated ★ Credits are not just about gifting. Using Smart Coupons, you can create such categories for bulk generated discount coupons as well. ★ rated ★ Great to generate repeat sales! I definitely recommend giving the smart coupons a try! sdiworld2 rated ★ – August 9, 2018, Kendall Whitney Are you having a great experience with WooCommerce Smart Coupons so far? Created percentage discounts for first responders & members; and ★ Report review, lebenzonpaintbrushes New filter`wt_smart_coupon_display_invalid_coupons` to display or hide invalid coupons from cart and … rated Read our origin story – from a failed holiday season to record-breaking sales…, Bonus – Discover secret “Take My Sales Through The Roof” strategies. ★ ★ rated For discount to automatically get applied, make sure you are using Smart Coupons and Affiliate for WooCommerce plugins on your website. ★ Unwatch It's very customizable for our unique setup and we've used it for over two years without many hiccups. ★ ★ ★ ★ Very well done. (5) ★ ★ (0) ★ The documentation was updated to 3.4 but the download wasn't available yet for 3.4. Thank you Ratnakar. ★ (0) ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – April 20, 2018, Was this review helpful? Report review, Mario Acunto ★ ★ So they can make as many purchases as they want until the credit is exhausted or its validity expires. Had some technical issues with the plugin but their team was able to identify and fix the issue with an update. ★ Smart Coupons provide a powerful, “all-in-one” solution for gift certificates, store credits, discount coupons, and vouchers extending the core functionality of WooCommerce coupons. 4. Report review, reflectiondigital Was this review helpful? The plugin allows customers to buy credits for themselves or gift them to others. ★ ★ More information at: Installing and Managing Plugins. More than 10,000 WooCommerce keep owners kind of you use Smart Coupons to make bigger sales, reward customers or originate loyalty. ★ On every page load! – October 17, 2019, Madelein Hitzeroth ★ – February 25, 2021. Our websites and dashboards use cookies—by continuing, you agree to their use. My theme had a conflict with coupon colors, and support was very fast and helpful in solving the problem for me. (0) ★ ★ Probably have to remove the plugin unless can get some help from support. ★ Get in touch with the developer. ★ Offers many possibilities to improve customers experience... ★ ★ However, as conveyed to you via email, it is possible to set up store credit/gift certificates of any amount. ★ ★ ★ – May 17, 2019, Lionel du Plessis We have asked how to adapt the plugin in the way to meet our needs, and then Ratnakar show up with the function which we even didn't had to modify. ★ Does what its meant to do. This plugin is really good and and it drive our client sales in the scale we couldn't even imagine, but the best part is the great customer support. – December 30, 2019, thehobbyardnet (2) So, we created documentation for setting up variable gift cards on a website. So if you want to allow users to use store credit / gift certificate till it has balance, better not set the usage limit for it. ★ Was this review helpful? – May 24, 2019, joshuaumuntu ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Please follow steps listed here to enable plugin updates for Smart Coupons. ★ rated I'm very satisfied with Smart Coupons and can recommend it to anyone looking for more than standard coupon handling in WooCommerce. So far we’ve been impressed. Report review, Þorlákur Lúðvíksson They are easy to make with plenty of options. When you read the reviews on this page, here are sentiments that show up consistently. I've had contact with the maker of this plugin and must say that his help was perfect and quick. ★ ★ rated – September 2, 2019, websitedeveloper – January 30, 2020, cutty3d – April 1, 2019, gruenish You can create gift cards, bulk generate coupons, restrict coupons based on location, payment methods…and do many other stuff. – February 24, 2021. Very responsive when issues are reported. ragerva ★ ★ ★ rated ★ rated We use the feature that lets you send out a coupon with a specific product order all the time, and just set up a Gift Certificate product, which was really easy! Also, they answer questions. Enhance core WooCommerce coupons with lots of advanced rules and options. WooCommerce - the most customizable eCommerce platform for building your online business. – March 19, 2019, web4studio2019 When you add Advanced Coupons your WooCommerce coupons become smarter. – August 28, 2020, doronyosha ★ – July 10, 2019, knife626 I am giving customers $1 credit for each product review and a $5 credit for finding errors and problems. We’ve released version 3.4.1 including the fix for import related issue. Automatically add products to cart when someone uses a coupon – along with discount of your choice. We’ve reached out to the support team recently and got fast replies. This way, I can deliver a coupon after the refund/free trial period of the associated product has ended. ★ But most of all great support. We do accept that there was an unprecedented delay once due to the weekend. We use this to create store credits and coupons. rated Smart Coupons for WooCommerce. rated ★ jlhamille ★ WooCommerce Smart Coupons 4.18.0 Latest Version, WooCommerce Smart Coupons v4.18.0 Nulled, Woocrack.com – WooCommerce Smart Coupons is a WooCommerce Extensions being developed by Woothemes. Love WooCommerce! ★ This plugin allows us to offer gift cards and coupons exactly how we need to. ★ ★ ★ rated rated ★ ★ ★ Support is accurate, relevant and prompt. Smart Coupons is certain regarding the excellent promoting WooCommerce plugins ever. Unwatch ★ ★ Great product! rated – December 8, 2020. ★ ★ Promotions & Offers. – February 5, 2020, Merv WooCommerce Smart Coupons consists of other features like a subscription or recurring coupons, seasonal or time-sensitive discounts, coupons on the shipping method, new user, and One-Click coupons. The extension adds new fields and sections to the coupons area, which you can spot easily by their green background color. Is It Worth. – February 27, 2019, developsuperpowers ★ (12) ★ ★ You’ll be able to restrict coupons by coupon rules (Cart Conditions), user roles, there will be improved scheduling, one-click coupons, url coupons, auto apply and much more. Raymond Brigleb – February 17, 2021. Recommended!! ★ ankigo82 ★ rated ★ ★ The team here have not flushed out the code conflict bugs. rated This plugin saved us, when we couldn't be open for business. ★ ★ ★ rated rated The plugin itself does what the description says. We’re using this plugin on RageRVA.com (if you want to see it in action on a production site) and I have been delighted with the support and functionality of the program. – December 2, 2019. ★ ★ ★ – August 11, 2020, This plugin allows us to offer gift cards and coupons exactly how we need to, Aengus Barton Just don't use notifications for review begging, it's not cool and your plugins will sell on their own merits without nags: Really helped improving sales and made our live with E-Commerce much easier. After activating Smart Coupons, you will be redirected to Welcome Page of Smart Coupons that describes Features and FAQs. ★ rated ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Smart & Final Charitable Foundation. This plugin allows me to add a username to the credit and allow them to use it only once and specify that they can use it along with a weekly sale coupon. Report review, sadievaleri ★ ★ Smart Coupons does exactly what I need it to. The issue is not confirmed. Smart Coupons is certain regarding the excellent promoting WooCommerce plugins ever. (0) The plugin do the job about creating a gift coupon. I stuck with it, as it is doing what I need and more! ★ ★ – October 28, 2020. ★ Great support, and adds a lot of cool features to the existing coupons function of WooCommerce. ★ ★ I plan to start selling gift certificates in the near future with this plugin. rated Download WooCommerce Smart Coupons v4.12.0 Nulled Free 2020.11.02 - version 4.12.0 * New: Tested upto WooCommerce 4.6.1 & WordPress 5.5.3 * New: Usage restriction to exclude user roles * New: Feature to select quantity of the products which will be added to cart on applying a coupon (under Coupon data > Actions tab) – March 10, 2020, Rob Swart ★ This plugin also makes it easy for you to create, manage, and filter coupons in a single place. ★ ★ ★ Includes awesome responsive designs and color schemes. ★ Quickly generate links you can embed in emails or social media posts (or anywhere else) – with one or more coupons.