Only then you can reach the goal. Traditional Sports and Games. Games refer to activities done for amusement, recreation or fun. Sport develops physical, social, and organizational skills improving people’s abilities to become a part of a team and always heading to the main goal. There goes a good proverb—”All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy“. So I want to request the parents that they should give freedom to their children in playing every day, here point is Time Management, how much time children are spending in playing is important. Sports and games are necessary to make a great personality, it is not possible only with reading books and study. Introduction: Sports are really important for the youth. Jamia has now completed 96 years of its academic life. If the kids are starting to play regularly for sometime from childhood on words, then they can easily concentrate on their studies because sports will provide mental ability and relaxation to their mind. Game’s player are called players, while sports players are called athletes or sports person. G… In this journey of sports and games, we will discuss first on what are sports / games and how these became a part of human life. Children play a huge variety of games as we know. Safeguarding and promoting Traditional Sports and Games (TSG) as sports practices and intangible cultural heritage is a key challenge for the future development of sport and societies.. TSG also enhance intercultural dialogue and peace, reinforce youth empowerment, and promote ethical sports practices. All these things learnt o the play-field are very helpful in their public life. Students then take it in turns to turn over one picture card and one word card. Introductions – Games and sports make us healthy and fit for work. b) It teaches us cooperation trust and dependence. Basically, two groups or more, compete against one another for a prize or sometimes for just entertainment. However, you are writing an argumentative essay and should consider different opinions. Introduction: Games and sports are sources of enjoyment, amusement, pleasure etc. – 15 Easy Tips, Essay on Hard Work and Success for Students and Children in 1000 Words. Sport is commonly defined as an athletic activity that involves a degree of competition, such as netball or basketball.Some games and many kinds of racing are called sports. Moreover, it increases the immunity of the person. Then years passed, human life style has changed and they are maintaining a separate identity and accumulate all the resources. Introducing new opportunities for youth, sports create unbreakable bonds, build athletes’ characters, unite communities, and promote teamwork. They need coaches to teach or train teams or individuals how to do better. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. ( Log Out /  Sports and games help people to grow physically and mentally faster. They add colour to an otherwise dark life. There should be a balance in our routine. (It is important to distinguish between kids sports games and competitive sports – this survey only studied competitive sports which means official leagues via schools, camps, and programs, but does not include friendly or local sports games without officiating). Games particularly team games teach the lesson of combination, joint effort and team spirit which lessons are great Lessons to be learnt. Outdoor game needs big space to play, Indoor game needs less space like in doors / auditoriums. Every day after such hard risks they realized that they need some sort of entertainment and body relaxation; finally they realized that Sport is the biggest platform useful to maintain fitness, relaxation, entertainment, activeness, competitiveness, challenges, etc. A healthy mind is always hopeful. Absolutely, many people seem not to know the reasons. They named the each activity with different names like running, boxing, wrestling, archery, etc and arranged the small village level tournaments after that district, state, country and continent. We see that in the history, the ancient Greek games were held in the summer once every four years at Olympia in honor of Zeus, the principal god of the Greek. A sport certainly improves the skills of communicating with others. Everyday we can encounter with these people. If you want to support video games as a sport when writing the should video games be considered a sport argumentative essay, you can use any of these arguments in support: Video games take coordination, training and are very taxing on the mind As it increases the blood flow in the body and makes it adaptable for exertion. All articles on this website are Copyrighted Protected. Like this every human addicted to sports / games and mostly children, youth are showing much interest. Sports and games increase our concentration, strengthens bones, and circulates blood properly. Copying or Using any material in any form is a serious offense. And we will know how the whole country will give respect to the player who arrives their own country with a medal. Person who is physically fit is mentally healthy and fit. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. There's hide and seek, and tag, and follow the leader, and jacks. One of the best workouts for your body is swimming, as all your … The impact of the London Olympics has also impacted the UK with increase participation rates pre and post games as well as an expected income, 6.9% of adults reported that they were motivated to do more sport or recreational physical activity as a result of the UK winning the bid for the 2012 Olympics. Peoples who focus on sports and games keep away from diseases, which makes their life full of cheer and joy. On the other hand, the body maintains healthy glow and active, while indoor sports sharpen our mind level. Importance of Sports and Games Getting involved in sports and games is beneficial for a human being in many ways. Sports and games give enough amusement to remove the rust caused by our boring daily life. Sport or game is an activity which gives a diversion from our routine and makes us complete through additional achievements. Parents or Teachers have to make education is the first priority for children and youth. What is most interesting in terms of the breakdown of most popular kids sports activities is that soccer maintained the most straight line out of all sports, with the least amount of deviations of popular… Awarded with the award etc. Sport pertains to individual skill and performance while game involves more than one person. Most of the games are depending on strategy, sports is based on personal performance and luck. Sport and Games is a symbol of the youth of any country. It keeps our body healthy and fit. Undoubtedly, sports can positively impact many children of all ages. So whether or not you consider video games as sport, you cannot deny the fact that such games are popular and they make money. Maguire et al (2002) suggested that sport and leisure activities are an integral part of social life and that they are intricately linked to politics and the society. These games include all major sports such as basketball, football, and soccer. Introduction. In ancient days every human being gets food through hunting despite of many risks. Jamia Millia Islamia Sports and Games have played an important role in the evolution of lamia Millia Islamia as a Central University. sports and games are essential for both physical and mental of the students. 5.8% reported that they were motivated to do more voluntary work. JMI celebrates 6th International Day of Yoga 2020 . Sports are fundamental right to everyone. A lazy, full and inactive nation never advances. Playing sports and games is an exercise that improves our mind level, increases the skill to concentrate. ( Log Out /  State Governments are giving special grants to their best sportsmen and players. Sports are physical activities involving feats of strength, agility, dexterity, etc. In ancient … Sports and games are very important for us. Most of the games are depending on strategy, sports is based on personal performance and luck. Introduction. Because they only need food. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. All those features which we get from the playground help us face the struggle of life. importance and benefits of sports Have you ever thought why people do sports? So we think that games for kids are … Some sports need individual work, while some want teamwork. c) It keeps our mind and body health and fresh hole day. Games and sports help players develop the habit of fair play, a sense of sportsmanship, leadership, obedience to rules, discipline, team spirit, honesty, cooperation and so on. Sport is highly organized, it is an institutionalized game, patterns and it is a social institution. Introduction to sports: It takes a very long journey to get clear about sports and games in detail. Reasons Why Video Games Should Be Considered a Sport: Arguments. In the year 2012, India has done 4 bronze and 3 silver in this way and has won 7 medals. Sports is based on physical energy and games mental strength. So think about it. Life is also a game, and the world is a vast playground. Even fantasy sports exist; Rocket League is soccer with rocket-powered cars instead of players. 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( Log Out /  The word "sport" comes from the Old French desport meaning "leisure", with the oldest definition in English from around 1300 being "anything humans find amusing or entertaining". But in today’s era, this thing is wrong. It is not good to keep playing for the whole day. Therefore, it keeps us free from diseases. Indian National hero Mahatma Gandhi also showed his interest in sports. That does not mean everyone loves the same sport, but due to the huge variety of sports that are played and enjoyed, everyone has their favorites. Games and sports are very necessary in our life. Thank you Mr. Hanumantha Rao for reading our blog and leaving your valuable input here. Indian players have performed very well in other international sports, such as the Commonwealth Games and Asian Games. The main difference between a sport and a game is, we can play games … It will take a while to explain why those games are so popular and could be really considered as sport. Safeguarding and promoting Traditional Sports and Games (TSG) as sports practices and intangible cultural heritage is a key challenge for the future development of sport and societies. An entire young generation should be involved with sports and games. Sport and game may meant same in many scenarios but both are different. Both are physical activities to attain entertainment. Even it helps to get interesting characteristics. These games can serve as an introduction to sport such as basketball, football and athletics. CONCLUSION We personally think that games for kids are the best way for those interested in sport. In this journey of sports and games, we will discuss first on what are sports / games and how these became a part of human life. Sports games are the genre that is the closest to traditional sports, the games themselves mostly being simulations. It involved a small ball that was equal to the size of a softball. Jamia has now completed 96 years of its academic life. Sports and Games are mental and physical activities and contest. These is a simple saying that a healthing mind lives in a healthy body to fallow this saying exercise and games are important for our body. In our upcoming posts I am going to give you the detailed information about each major game respectively. Subsequently major games were introducing like Hockey, Cricket, Chess, Tennis, Foot ball, Badminton, etc. Sport is the next stage along the continuum.As a specialized form of game play, sport generally involves the following characteristics: Sport contains a physical component such as strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, coordination, balance, and/or agility. Sports & Games are Physical Activities that provide sense of enjoyment. No other living being but a man needs games and sports for his mental recreation. Sport: A Very Short Introduction charts the history of sport, from its traditional origins in folk football and cock fighting to its position as a global phenomenon today. They play bridge. CONCLUSION We personally think that games for kids are the best way for those interested in sport. There are lots of advantages to that. A significant difference between sports and games is, we can play games both indoor and outdoors, but we can play sports only on the outdoors. We have to play the game of experience with all your energy and spirit. ( Log Out /  Olympic is a dream for every Sport star, actually qualifying for Olympics is also a milestone for a player. After that international level tournaments are started. Besides, your teacher might not even know what Fortnite or PUBG is. Games and sports are physical activities that are involved in development of skills of a competitive nature. In this essay, we will talk about sports and games’ importance in our regular life. All doctors recommend exercising, as prevention and convalescence of various ailments. Sports on the other hand refer to a physical activity where individuals or team compete for entertainment purposes. Not only is it a physical activity but also an area where people socially interact. According to Peter Mcintosh- Sports is an activity that may contain one or more elements of play and game but more specially, has the components of competition, physical prowess, skill and superiority. Because other tasks are equally important and sports and games. India has also got many medals in the Olympic Games, which are held every four years. The physical activity that developed into sports had early links with ritual, warfare and entertainment. Change ). A bunch of other games. Doing sports keeps us healthy, relaxed, as well as maintains our figure and strengthens our patience and endurance. It is being the best source of entertainment. List of sports and Leisure Activities in English. In which, there should also be enough time to study and do other work. Playing Sports increases confidence to talk properly. The risk includes fighting with animals, group attack, running, swimming, driving, etc. Sports, physical contests pursued for the goals and challenges they entail. Give each pair of students a set of picture cards and a set of word cards, which they shuffle and spread out face down on the table in two sets. If students are spending more than that time limit means, they are not giving priority to their studies.