Accepted at Yale, she opted instead for the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, where her famous lineage was an open secret. You have to stay true to yourself." (It still does.) The cheapest way to get from Monaco to La Turbie costs only 1€, and the quickest way takes just 10 mins. C'est d'ailleurs sur la route qui descend de la Turbie vers Monaco que la Princesse de Monaco, ex actrice fétiche d'Alfred Hitchcock, Grace Kelly a trouvé la mort dans un accident de voiture. And despite her growing fame, she remained psychologically tethered to the Kelly approval matrix, even after her parents and siblings sabotaged her relationship with Cassini during an ill-fated visit to the family's beach house in Ocean City, New Jersey. Elle est débranchée avec l’accord de sa famille. Photo by Pool MAOUS/SIMON/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images, Jacques Provence, le directeur des Folies russes à Monaco, et. "How much do the Le Vines, or any of the cousins, want to claim their stake in the legacy that is Grace Kelly, or the Kelly family writ large? Like her great-aunt Grace, Ginna caught the arts bug as a young girl, and despite her parents' reservations she is pursuing a career as an actress. J’ai eu peur que la voiture explose. " She laughs. Behind him his mother stands in a white bathing suit, hands folded protectively atop her son's head. Le 14 septembre 1982, la prince Grace de Monaco (Grace Kelly pour les cinéphiles) quitte sa propriété « Roc Angel » à la Turbie, au volant de sa Rover 3500S à moteur V8. He's loads of fun and down to earth. Who knows? Two years before her luminescent visage flickered across the big screen in High Noon, in 1952, Grace Kelly made her own stage debut at the Playhouse. Elle est débranchée avec l’accord de sa famille. "Now, that seems absolutely terrifying," she says. Il rappelle notamment le rapport des experts médicaux : la comédienne souffrait de deux lésions cérébrales. But she was serious—she wanted to know how I felt about him and how Mother felt about him." Treating the lobby of Cannes's Intercontinental Carlton Hotel as her personal runway, Grace floats through the picture in a cavalcade of filmy ensembles that foreshadowed her regal future and also netted Edith Head an Academy Award nomination. As Grace told society columnist Ruth Seltzer, sitting at the dining room table that morning, "Home is here in Philadelphia. It was the Grace Kelly magic. In her head scarf, sunglasses, and tailored black suit from London, she looked every inch the woman of style she had been anointed in the press. I never like to be away too long.". On that twisting road high above the sparkling Mediterranean, what was lost was more than a princess. "I've asked myself, 'How much do they want it?' I asked Lizanne what her verdict had been. This story originally appeared in the April 2014 issue of Town & Country. À 9h54, ce matin là, la Rover fait une sortie de route 50 mètres plus loin et, après une chute de 40 mètres, s'écrase dans le parking d’une villa. She catches herself and laughs. At 23, she is a year older than her great-aunt was when she scored her first big role, as Gary Cooper's steely Quaker wife in High Noon. For a city with impressive historical bona fides that had gradually been elbowed out of the spotlight by New York to the north and Washington, DC, to the south, the Kellys proved an irresistible romance. Still, that did not stop the Kellys from becoming a shining symbol of wealth, glamour, and power to the populace of Philadelphia. Jack literally built an empire from bricks—his business was called Kelly for Brickwork—and became a political kingmaker within Philadelphia's increasingly powerful Democratic Party. She spends her days the way young aspiring actresses do—at least, young actresses from families whose largesse allows it: taking occasional classes, learning the guitar, auditioning, and networking. I am going to concentrate on acting,' " Packer says. I'm walking along a wall of photos when one stops me. Je me souviens qu’on a heurté un arbre et que, lorsque je me suis réveillée, il y avait de la fumée. "From the day in 1951 when she walked into director Fred Zinnemann's office wearing prim white gloves ('Nobody came to see me before wearing white gloves')," Time magazine declared in a 1955 cover profile, "the well-bred Miss Grace Kelly of Philadelphia has baffled Hollywood. "I think there are women today who would like to be looked upon as a Grace Kelly, but I don't think there are any," says fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, who wrote the foreword to a 2007 coffee-table book on Grace. Sur la route, un camion les suit. Antes de que el próximo 14 de mayo la película Grace de Mónaco, del director francés Oliver Dahan, abra la nueva edición del Festival de Cannes la polémica está servida. Albert's famous sisters, Caroline and Stephanie, have not been to Philadelphia in decades; any catching up with "the girls," as the princesses are called within the family, is done on the shores of the Mediterranean. Dans ce film, elle conduit une décapotable sur les hauteurs de Monaco. So it is fitting that "From Philadelphia to Monaco: Grace Kelly—Beyond the Icon," a traveling exhibit featuring 41 of Grace's dresses (eye candy couture from Givenchy, Dior, Balenciaga, and Madame Grès, among others), along with correspondence, photographs, and her Oscar, came to Bucks County for its one and only stay in the United States, at the James A. Michener Museum, in Doylestown, last fall. On September 13th, 1982, Princess Grace de Monaco suffered a stroke and crashed whilst driving on the Route de la Turbie (D37), 8 miles south of La Turbie. Clo63 Grace Kelly raconte que Cary Grant était très inquiet lors de la scène en voiture, car elle était myope : "Je devais conduire une puissante voiture de sport et l'arrêter dans un buisson, juste au bord de la corniche. Slight, often ill, and withdrawn, Grace grew up the middle child in every sense of the term, eclipsed by an eldest sister, Peggy, who was the family bon vivant; Kell, who was the family star athlete; and a younger sister, Lizanne, who was the darling baby. I ask Ginna if she has thought about what her life will be like if she too becomes famous. Depuis plusieurs mois, la princesse de Monaco souffre de migraines, mais le 13 septembre 1982 est un jour important pour elle. Having visited Beausoleil recently it seems incredible that a train could manage the steep inclines. Je savais que je devais sortir et faire sortir ma mère, alors j’ai ouvert la porte en la poussant du pied. Toute l'actu Marie Claire, directement dans votre boîte mail. Grace est en état de mort cérébrale, des machines la maintiennent artificiellement en vie. Albert gives a lot of this type of speech, which is a testament to the staying power his mother has shown not only in the popular culture but in Monaco, where her memory envelops the principality like some sort of haute fog. There's no profit in that. "I want to see if I'm in any of them.". Prince Albert of Monaco and his wife, Princess Charlene, were there for the $500-a-plate opening gala, and their RSVP drew an eclectic crowd of political, cultural, media, and philanthropic luminaries from New York, Philadelphia, and Monaco to this tiny exurban hamlet to ogle both the show and the royals. After driving around a bend on the mountain, everyone on our tour bus suddenly rushed to one side and pressed up against the windows trying to get a snap of this GORGEOUS view. jQuery("#m606d97be9d4ef473387091").mediaPlayer({"file":"https:\/\/\/watch?time_continue=17&v=iOESXqBczRo","advertisingParameters":{"use":"article-content"},"parameters":{"specific":{"Dailymotion":{"params":{"syndication":123718,"info":0}},"Digiteka":{"desktop":{"mdtk":"01990964","zone":null},"mobile":{"mdtk":"01172385","zone":null}},"VideoJS":{"advertisingVastUrl":"https:\/\/\/gampad\/live\/ads?iu=\/21720049534\/marie_claire_video_atf&"}}},"width":"100%","height":"100%"}); They have three children; their youngest, Ginna, is 23. Alpes-Maritimes also services this route every 4 hours. Les visages froissés du douleurs de Caroline de Monaco et de son père, le prince Rainier III, dans le cortège, font le tour du monde. An internationally recognized competitive rower, John Sr., known as Jack, had been denied entry to the 1920 Henley Regatta because he had worked as a bricklayer and was, therefore, by lofty British standards, not a gentleman. She wears a silvery gray tunic, jeans, and boots, a single delicate gold chain around her neck. "I've simply tried to be as successful as I could, and be a good person and all of that," Chris says, "and try not to hold comparisons up, because that's a little tough to do. But Ginna is hardly alone in her aspirations. ", Which raises the question: While there's no doubt the Kellys still mean much to Philadelphia, how much does Philadelphia still mean to the Kellys? von Monaco im Jahr 1956 änderte sich ihr Name mit dem neuen Titel in Princesse Grace de Monaco beziehungsweise Grace Patricia Grimaldi. John B. Kelly III, known as J.B., is a member of the conservancy for Fairmount Park, where one of the city's main thoroughfares, Kelly Drive, is named for his father, and is a former president of the august Vesper Boat Club, where he now takes his own son Nicholas to row sculls on the Schuylkill. La plus persistante, largement alimentée par Sesto Lequio, voudrait que ce soit la princesse Stéphanie qui était au volant de la Rover. To be convinced of her membership in this glittering sorority you need only look at a scene from To Catch a Thief, one of three movies she made for Alfred Hitchcock. Today, he tells me, "there are no secrets.". De star hollywoodienne à princesse, le destin de Grace Kelly avait tout d’un conte de fée. La première était le signe d’une attaque. En effet, celle-ci a été sortie de la voiture du côté conducteur tandis que la princesse Grace se trouvait à l’arrière. Si bien que beaucoup de Monégasques n'ont appris la nouvelle que le lendemain au réveil. Oscarisée à l’âge de 26 ans pour son rôle dans Une fille de la province de George Seaton, Grace Kelly est l’étoile montante d’Hollywood. Selon les témoignages recueillis par celui-ci, un autre gendarme aurait vu Grace au volant de sa voiture dix minutes avant l’accident. "My youngest granddaughter came to me recently and said, 'Granny, I'm giving up my sports career. Vowing revenge, he got it when he went on to win three Olympic gold medals, and his son John B. Kelly Jr., known as Kell, won Henley in 1947 and again in 1949. She enjoyed a Main Line childhood that was privileged and, in many ways, typical: ballet lessons, ice skating, gymnastics; later, lacrosse, soccer, swimming. Grace Patricia Kelly (Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Verenigde Staten, 12 november 1929 – La Colle, Monaco, 14 september 1982) was een Amerikaanse actrice die later de gemalin werd van prins Reinier III van Monaco.In het Nederlandse en Duitse taalgebied is zij ook bekend als prinses Gracia, maar officieel is haar voornaam altijd Grace gebleven. "Grace si belle dans la mort": ce titre s’étale en Une de France-Soir ce jeudi 16 septembre 1982, deux jours après la mort de la princesse de Monaco dans un accident de la route. (The couple live in Bryn Mawr.) Elle doit accompagner sa fille Stéphanie, 17 ans, à Paris, afin qu’elle y effectue un stage de stylisme pour la maison Dior. Sur la route, un camion les suit. She says she once asked Mamie Gummer, the actress daughter of Meryl Streep, for advice. How do you find out who you are when you must continually stand in your mother's long shadow? En fin d’après-midi, les médecins procèdent à une opération du crâne. Writers Pearl Buck, Dorothy Parker, and James Michener, lyricists Moss Hart and Oscar Hammerstein, legendary Harper's Bazaar art director Alexey Brodovitch—all had country houses here where they would recharge, relax, and drink martinis in peace. Grace Kelly would never be anonymous again. Its larger reputation, however, comes from its long-standing role as bucolic haven for the creative class. Le 21 septembre 1982, les obsèques se déroulent à la cathédrale de Monaco. To get there, follow the sign from the Cap d’Ail to La Turbie road. But she attacked acting like a gladiator. "I was sort of inspired by that," Ginna says. (Being Irish Catholic certainly didn't help.) It's not all glitz and glamour.". She then closes the door, wordlessly. Mais le 13 septembre 1982, la princesse de Monaco et sa fille, Stéphanie, sont victimes d’un grave accident de voiture, sur la route de la Turbie. Il est 9h45 ce matin-là lorsqu'elle s'engage sur la route de la Turbie. I am seated at a table with several Monegasques, friends and business associates of Albert's. So of course it makes me nervous. "I mean, the culture we live in now, it's horrifying what they do to people. "You just breathe," Gummer told her, "and remember that once you're there, it's just you." "I'd much rather have my kids on the playing fields than in the theater.". John B. Kelly Sr.'s Olympic rowing medals, business empire, and political connections helped grease his family's entrée into the better mansions of the Main Line, memorably conjured in Philip Barry's The Philadelphia Story, but even his daughter Grace's subsequent ascent to icon status never completely scrubbed the dirt from under the family's nails. Ce mardi 14 septembre 1982, le décès de la princesse Grace de Monaco a été annoncé à 22 h 30. "Albie is still a wonderful kid," says cousin Meg Packer, who at the age of 10 was a flower girl in Grace and Rainier's wedding. En 1982, les rumeurs autour de la mort de Grace Kelly dans un accident de la route ont défrayé la chronique. Stéphanie de Monaco se confie sur la période difficile traversée après la mort de sa mère Grace Kelly, Les plus beaux duos de Grace Kelly au cinéma, Le jour où Edward VIII a abdiqué par amour, faisant d'Elizabeth II l'héritière directe du trône, Love Story : la reine Elizabeth II et le duc d’Edimbourg, Le jour où le roi George VI est mort et où et Elizabeth II est devenue reine, Le prince Harry va travailler pour une start-up de coaching de la Silicon Valley, Le jour où Elizabeth II a été couronnée reine du Royaume-Uni, Marthä Louise de Norvège, en partie privée de son titre de princesse, Mariage princier: le clan Grimaldi réuni pour le mariage de Louis Ducruet et Marie Chevallier, Stéphanie de Monaco et sa fille Pauline Ducruet se livrent pour la première fois à la TV, Le mariage religieux de Charlotte Casiraghi et Dimitri Rassam, en toute simplicité, Quand Louis XX soutient les Gilets Jaunes, Les enfants de la famille princière de Monaco attirent tous les regards à la fête nationale, Au Japon, la princesse Ayako a renoncé à son titre pour épouser un roturier, Rénovation énergétique : aides, labels, tout ce qu’il faut savoir, Patron gratuit pour crocheter un sac de courses filet, Portrait de famille : les enfants de la reine Elizabeth II et du prince Philip, La véritable histoire de l'impératrice d'Autriche "Sissi", Elisabeth de Wittelsbach, Love Story : Charles et Camilla, la romance contrariée, 31 août 1997 : le jour où la princesse Diana est morte dans un accident de voiture. Ginna le Vine sits in a corner booth in the lounge of Manhattan's fashionable Gramercy Park Hotel, gingerly sipping a Diet Coke—she has an audition tomorrow—and relaying how she has just spent a gorgeous sunny day in Central Park. C'était lui dont la douleur était la plus grande, lui qui se sentait le plus vide… Le plus abandonné.". Ce n’était pas difficile, car elle était déjà à moitié défoncée", confiera-t-elle au journaliste Bertrand Tessier. We are watching Ginna, in form-fitting amethyst vintage Halston, gracefully turning through the room like a doll on a music box. Le 14 septembre 1982, au matin, la princesse de Monaco tombe dans le coma. The La Turbie neighborhood has also witnessed some tragic episodes in modern history. And now she's dealing with Charlotte and her child. Her hair is sun-kissed blond and feathered to symmetrical perfection, giving her the vibe of Farrah Fawcett, Charlie's Angels era. In it a nine-year-old Albert smiles impishly at the camera. Her visits home were front page news for Philadelphians craving some sparkle, and her sudden death, at only 52, after a car crash along the Route de la Turbie outside Monaco on September 13, 1982, plunged the city into a mother's mourning. (The scholarship is one of some 25 awards in the arts that are given annually under the aegis of the Princess Grace Foundation.) Atlee, a Main Line Philadelphia realtor whose grandmother was the best friend of Peggy Kelly Conlan, Grace's older sister. " R.C. Philanthropically, the Kellys were never in the league of the Cassatts, the Biddles, the Drexels, the Scotts—the illustrious Philadelphia families who chaired the balls and sat on the boards. Notre papa...c'était lui dont la douleur était la plus grande, lui qui se sentait le plus vide… Le plus abandonné. À 22h30, la princesse Grace de Monaco est déclarée morte, à l’âge de 52 ans. "I think every actor does," she says, settling back into the booth. It's black-and-white, more snapshot than portrait, and it appears to have been taken in front of a swimming pool in Montego Bay, Jamaica, in 1967. The 15-room Kelly mansion was something of an outlier in East Falls, an old, blue-collar neighborhood nestled along the banks of the Schuylkill River, where the length of local ancestry determined whether one could rightly label oneself a "Fallser." Il est clair que la conductrice du véhicule (...) a été la princesse Grace de bout en bout. She died the following day from her injuries. The governor had personally handed out the gold medals in Harrisburg. Transportée en urgence à l’hôpital, elle perd connaissance à deux reprises au cours de la nuit. But she's very pleased with Andrea's new bride and her grandson, though she probably would have liked them in reverse. If there's a power couple today, a face of what might be called the Kelly Family 2.0, it is Christopher and Victoria Le Vine. "J’avais perdu connaissance pendant la chute. Il rappelle notamment le rapport des experts médicaux : l. a comédienne souffrait de deux lésions cérébrales. En fin d’après-midi, les médecins procèdent à une opération du crâne. Chris is a trustee of the Princess Grace Foundation–USA, created by Prince Rainier after Grace's death. "But I'm sure that as soon as I book anything it's going to come up immediately.". Grace Kelly décide donc de prendre le volant, Stéphanie en passagère. a été sortie de la voiture du côté conducteur tandis que la princesse Grace se trouvait à l’arrière. When her agent called to tell her she'd gotten the part, Ginna sat on her bed and cried. She's had kind of a wild life, but she's very much trying to stay out of the limelight, raise her kids. Odom sings three Nat King Cole tunes for the glittering assemblage, his voice buttery and gorgeous. Grace Patricia Kelly (* 12.November 1929 in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; † 14. "They're really a beautiful couple," says R.C. Zestbus operates a bus from Mont des Mules to La Turbie Mairie every 3 hours, and the journey takes 16 min. Dans le rapport officiel, le conducteur dit avoir vu la voiture "faire. Chris, at 56, has the square jaw and wavy chestnut hair that seems standard issue for the men in the Kelly family, and in the rustic Sweetwater setting he comes off like a well-bred ranch foreman, Ray Krebbs via boarding school. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. PS I was at the small carpark on Monday and I did see a bus on the road, I think it was the 100x, which is the bus from Monaco to Nice that uses the A8 autoroute - there is access to the auto route just at La Turbie. PS I was at the small carpark on Monday and I did see a bus on the road, I think it was the 100x, which is the bus from Monaco to Nice that uses the A8 autoroute - there is access to the auto route just at La Turbie. "And weren't they lucky." Jacques Provence, le directeur des Folies russes à Monaco, et Sesto Lequio, un horticulteur local, interviennent les premiers. Loading ... El dia que se rompio la relacion Jugadores y Cuerpo Tecnico - Duration: 1:26. "He offered to do the dishes!". { Nice to Monaco To say that the drive from Nice to Monaco is scenic, is an understatement. "That said, I'm not ashamed. Address: route de la Tete Chien – A la Turbie Prendre la route de Monaco et tourner a gauche, 06320 La Turbie. Town & Country participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Albert still visits the Kelly cousins from time to time—mainly Chris and Vicki Le Vine—and he invited many of his Philadelphia family to Monaco in 2011 for his wedding, putting them up at Monte Carlo's Hermitage Hotel. To reach the viewpoint, there is a small road leading to the parking lot, then a short walk towards it. Soignée pour des troubles cervicaux à l'hôpital, la princesse Stéphanie n’y assiste pas. Il a retrouvé Roger Bencze, le capitaine de la gendarmerie ayant mené l’enquête à l’époque : "Il est clair que la conductrice du véhicule (...) a été la princesse Grace de bout en bout" écrit Tessier. On 13 September 1982, Princess Grace de Monaco was killed in a fatal car accident at La Turbie. Perhaps tacitly acknowledging this in his will, a document so witty it was published and sold commercially, Jack left none of his estate to charity. Her hair is wet underneath a floral bathing cap, her skin dappled with droplets of water. Que s'est-il passé dans cette voiture, sur la route de la Turbie? And so comes the catch-22: Her relation to Grace gives her a buzzy novelty that separates her from the thousands of other young blondes auditioning for roles, but it also brings inevitable comparisons with an icon, which could prove downright brutal. Grace Kelly décide donc de prendre le volant, Stéphanie en passagère. Un coup de foudre et une histoire d’amour en Cinémascope qui allaient donner à la Principauté la princesse qu’elle attendait tant. En mai 1955, pendant le Festival de Cannes, Grace Kelly rencontre le prince Rainier III lors d’une séance photo à Monaco. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Meghan Markle's Fave Sunnies Are in Stock, Martha Stewart "Got So Many Proposals" Last Year, The 17 Best Royal Hat Moments of All Time, 15 Fashion Essentials for Your Spring Debut, 20 Pretty Floral Dresses for Spring (And Beyond), Ralph Lauren Channels Old Hollywood for Spring. Elle est déclarée morte le lendemain. Her sister Kelly is a successful costume designer in New York; her second cousin Katherine Kelly, J.B.'s daughter, is a theatrical stage manager in Philadelphia. MONACO L'épouse du prince Rainier avait 52 ans. ", Albert and Chris—Albert was one of Chris's groomsmen and Chris was Albert's best man—often take what might be called male bonding trips together; they spent time recently in Deadwood, South Dakota, where they went horseback riding with Kevin Costner, who owns a ranch there. A few years before her death, in 2009, Lizanne Le Vine told me about the first time she met Rainier, her future brother-in-law, at dinner at the apartment Lizanne shared with her husband Donald in Philadelphia. Un mariage d’amour qui a passionné les foules, tant le glamour du couple fait rêver. There are a lot who did it—look at Goldie Hawn's daughter—so it can be done." September 1982: Auf der Route de La Turbie am Ortseingang des kleinen französischen Badeorts Cap-d’Ail kommt ein zehn Jahre alter Rover 3500 in einer Haarnadelkurve aus ungeklärten Gründen von … She takes a quick sip of her Diet Coke. It was neat that Grace was in the movies and everything, but it was my grandfather whose presence and image loomed large, even after his passing.". Atlee says of the family's willingness to maintain its heritage. Icône de style et de cinéma, Grace tourne aux côtés de plus grands. "Kid! In 1982, Grace Kelly lost control of her car on a sharp 180 degree turn in la Turbie and drove straight into a precipice at great speed. À 22h30, la princesse Grace de Monaco est déclarée morte, à l’âge de 52 ans. L’adolescente est blessée, ses cervicales sont touchées. "There was just this attitude of exceptionalism," says Kell's son John B. Kelly III, who, like most of the Kelly men, is lean, athletic, and striking. "I want to earn everything I get, and I want to work toward my own career," Ginna says. Ginna Le Vine laughs the deep, throaty laugh of the girl at the party surrounded by adoring suitors. Like other goddesses of the second half of the 20th century—Babe Paley, Jacqueline Kennedy, Princess Diana—Grace Kelly always seemed slightly bewildered by all the fuss, even if she was, beneath the serene smile and the couture, flattered by it all. But I think it goes back to how my parents brought me up. I mean man. L’arrière de la Rover 3500 étant remplie de vêtements, la voiture ne peut contenir que deux passagers. Dans ce film, elle conduit une décapotable sur les hauteurs de Monaco. Grace aurait brièvement perdu connaissance au volant. Sortant de la propriété des Grimaldi de Rocagel, elles s’engagent sur la route sinueuse de la Turbie. Chris and Vicki Le Vine play the part of unofficial hosts, representing the Philadelphia branch with the élan gained from years of such gatherings.