", Die BDS-Bewegung sei keine Organisation im herkömmlichen Sinn, sagt Neiman. [...] a time when critical positions toward the Israeli government are equated with anti-Semitism, while nationalist and openly racist forces gain momentum.”, The American philosopher Susan Neiman, director of the Einstein Forum Potsdam for the past 20 years, told Deutschlandfunk radio that as a Jew she reacted angrily when no reference was made of the broad range of Jewish discussion worldwide, but instead only very conservative voices could be heard. Beispiel Mbembe-Debatte: Kulturschaffende wie Susan Neiman und Thomas Oberender halten die Folgen der BDS-Resolution des Bundestags für gefährlich. Eit gets loud. The December statement by the cultural institutions now makes clear that the real aim of the all-party Bundestag resolution was not to combat anti-Semitism, but rather to suppress freedom of expression. Her latest book is Moral Clarity: A Guide for Grown-Up Idealists (2008). Brumlik criticized the accusations against Schäfer as a sign of the decline in left-liberal cultural circles, likening it to a new form of McCarthyism directed against all those “suspected of some sort of support for the BDS.”, The artistic director of the Berliner Festspiele, Thomas Oberender, who signed the declaration against the government’s BDS resolution, said in practice it led to “revoking invitations to artists and scholars who have worked in Germany for many years and whose work has never violated the values of our Basic Law.”, Hartmut Dorgerloh, the general director of the Humboldt Forum Foundation in Berlin, pointed to the growing influence of far-right radicalism in German public life and declared, “We are living at a time when rational behaviour is being disregarded at the highest political level. When it came to the vote, the AfD faction abstained only because it had put forward its own, even harsher motion, calling for a ban on BDS. 13.12.2020 - 16:48 , Hanno Hauenstein There have been previous cases of attempts to suppress the BDS. Categories Entertainment Tags Albert Einstein, BDS, F.A.Z., Hannah Arendt, Picture newspaper, Susan Neiman, Twitter. BDS-Resolution des Bundestages - Zensur von Wissenschaft und Kultur? 0. Historiker Johannes Fried zum Christentum. Motschmann erklärte ihrerseits, die BDS-Bewegung stelle das Existenzrecht Israels infrage. Unter vielen Juden werde gerade die Zwei-Staaten-Lösung diskutiert. The Bundestag resolution demanded the withholding of any public spaces and financial support to organisations and individuals with any sort of connection to BDS, or who sympathise with its aims. NEIMAN, Susan 1955-PERSONAL:Born March 27, 1955, in Atlanta, GA; children: Benjamin, Shirah, Leila. The denunciation of left-wing criticism of the reactionary, anti-democratic policies of the Israeli government as anti-Semitic, alongside the political campaign to denigrate Islam, reflects the rightward shift of the ruling class. "Ich war sehr erstaunt darüber, wie viele von uns als antisemitisch bezeichnet wurden, auch die Juden in der Gruppe. Education Susan Neiman dropped out of high school at the age of fourteen to join the anti-Vietnam War movement. And stormy. Sie sei überzeugt, "wer heute zu Israel stehen will, der muss die Politik Netanjahus kritisieren. Es ist schon erstaunlich, dass diese Initiative eine solche Debatte hervorgebracht hat. The Israeli state has drafted an extensive blacklist of individuals who are denied entry to the country due to links to BDS. Philosophy in Transit by Susan Neiman (2014-09-25) Jan 1, 1765. Die Philosophin Susan Neiman begrüßt dies. Confrontation and debate must be possible, especially in publicly funded cultural and discursive spaces.”, The declaration ends with the statement that a society open to the world and that permits public discourse and dissent is the basis “which allows the arts and sciences to continue to exercise their own function: i.e. At the same time, accusations of anti-Semitism are levelled against any leftist who criticises the policies of the far-right Israeli government. New revelations about Eichmann, therefore, might force us to revise Arendt’s conclusions about Eichmann himself, but not the central and radical claims of her book. Mit Lucy Wilke suchen wir nach konkreten Handlungsansätzen.Mehr, Keine Drehs, kein Theater, kein Geld: Die Coronabeschränkungen treffen Freie im Theater besonders hart. • Learning from the Germans: Confronting Race and the Memory of Evil by Susan Neiman is published by Allen Lane (£20). Neiman zeigt sich sehr erfreut über die Nachricht und sieht sie als wichtigen Fortschritt: "Die Initiative hat sich sehr darüber gefreut, und wir fanden auch sehr schön, dass der wissenschaftliche Dienst so schnell gehandelt hat. Die im Juni 2010 an der Uni Siegen aus der Liste L.S.D. Paperback $814.57 $ 814. International Committee of the Fourth International, Israeli premier demands German government stop funding Jewish Museum Berlin, Berlin’s Jewish Museum director Peter Schäfer forced to resign, Dortmund, Germany withdraws prestigious award from the author Kamila Shamsie over support for BDS, US State Department moves to suppress criticism of Israel. Beitrag hören Podcast abonnieren She lives in Berlin and is the director of the Einstein Forum in Potsdam. In 2018, the director of the Jewish Museum in Berlin, Peter Schäfer, was forced to resign after holding a podium discussion with the Jewish philosopher and feminist Judith Butler and the anti-Zionist professor Micha Brumlik. The CDU faction of Leipzig City Council is seeking to take action against the director of the city’s annual Documentary Film Festival (DOK), who signed the statement by cultural bodies. Susan Neiman is an American writer and philosopher. The Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism is a tool to identify, confront and raise awareness about antisemitism as it manifests in countries around the world today. The final chapter in his new book, “A Short History of Antisemitism” (in German), is devoted to BDS and the Bundestag resolution. Criticism of the Israeli government must be possible, she said: “According to the logic of the BDS resolution, neither Albert Einstein nor Hannah Arendt would be allowed to give a lecture in Germany because, although they supported the state of Israel, they were both very critical of the unjust treatment of the Palestinians.”. In Germany, the number of anti-Semitic crimes by far-right radicals increased sharply last year and more and more cases of anti-Semitism and pro-Nazi tendencies have been uncovered in the German police and the armed forces. It includes a preamble, definition, and a set of 15 guidelines that provide detailed guidance for those seeking to recognize antisemitism in order to craft responses. Mbembe was invited to give the opening speech to this year’s Ruhrtriennale but was then confronted with a wave of accusations of anti-Semitism after he described the Israeli occupation of Palestine as a form of colonialism and compared it to the apartheid policy of South Africa. The name refers to the clause dealing with the freedom of art and science enshrined in Article 5 (3) of Germany’s Basic Law. But in other countries, it also serves the ruling class as a means of deflecting the anger of mostly petty-bourgeois layers of the population threatened with social decline by directing them against the Jewish part of the population. 415 , £ 20 No nation’s defeat is ever quite straight-forward, and sometimes downfall can bring its own kind of posthumous victory. Entdecken Sie mit der Dlf Audiothek die Vielfalt unserer drei Programme, abonnieren Sie Ihre Lieblingssendungen, wählen Sie aus Themenkanälen und machen daraus Ihr eigenes Radioprogramm. "Es gibt keinen Vorstand, es gibt keine Gremien. The American philosopher Susan Neiman, director of the Einstein Forum Potsdam for the past 20 years, told Deutschlandfunk radio that as a Jew she … ... (whose director is the Jewish American philosopher Susan Neiman) and many others from the heart of the establishment. View the profiles of people named Susan Neiman. (Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Wortwechsel, 11.12.2020), "Identitätspolitik stellt sich in ihrer Zuspitzung selbst ein Bein", "Es ist okay zu sagen: Ich kann nicht mehr", Lange Nacht über Lebensentwürfe ohne Kind, Philosophie der Pause - Nichtstun ist wie sterben üben (Gespräch), Linkenpolitiker Fabio de Masi - Identitätspolitik kann linker Politik schaden, Exit. She has written extensively on the juncture between Enlightenment moral philosophy, metaphysics, and politics, both for scholarly audiences and the general public. Aber ein Blick auf die Landkarte zeigt, dass die Siedlungspolitik von Netanjahus Regierung, die schon vorher angefangen hat, aber unter ihm verstärkt wurde, einen palästinensischen Staat unmöglich macht. A motion opposing this ban was initially rejected by Germany’s Administrative Court. Susan Neiman’s books. Das ist ein Grund, warum ich nicht dazu stehe.". ", Deswegen gebe es auch Juden, die die BDS-Bewegung unterstützten, sagt Neiman. She is the director of the Einstein Forum in Potsdam, Germany and a member of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences. Susan Neiman is the author of Learning from the Germans. Written by Susan Neiman. More Buying Choices $5.75 (9 used & new offers) Mass Market Paperback Gravity of The Mouth. The accusation of anti-Semitism against leftists and intellectuals plays into the hands of right-wing radicals and fascists—such as Donald Trump, Viktor Orbán, Matteo Salvini, Rodrigo Duterte and the AfD—who identify with the racist policies of the Israeli government and have been greeted jubilantly as state guests in Jerusalem. Anti-Semitism, i.e., the racial hatred of Jews, is an ideology associated with the extreme right. The latter organisations fear that the suppression of all criticism of Israel will endanger their work in other countries, but the main driving force of the declaration is the concern that suppressing critical views plays into the hands of right-wing, authoritarian tendencies and stifles the freedom of culture. Modelled on the movement against apartheid in South Africa, BDS calls for a boycott of Israel and demands, among other things, an end to the occupation of Arab lands, the demolition of the wall around the occupied territories, legal equality for Jews and Arabs and the right of return for Palestinian refugees, as agreed in UN Resolution 194. Neiman noted that Albert Einstein had called on Israel to protect the rights of Arabs and had called the Deir Yassin massacre “fascist”. Socialists, on the other hand, have always fiercely fought against the poison of anti-Semitism and repeatedly opposed all forms of discrimination against Jews. 2 the 20th century. The artistic director of the Ruhrtriennale refused to turn down his invitation and the administration of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia cancelled the meeting in the meantime, citing the coronavirus pandemic. On December 13, 2017, Munich’s city council banned by a large majority any meetings in municipal premises that “deal with, support, follow or promote” the BDS. February 18, 2021. She was interested in Simone de Beauvoir's and Jean-Paul Sartre's books. Combine Editions. Israel boycott and BDS in Germany – a dispute – culture.